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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

DOM MINASI The Vampire's Revenge

CDM 1006 (2006)

The Vampire's Revenge is an ambitious double-CD project by New York guitarist Dom Minasi that was inspired by novelist Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles. The credits on the back of the jacket read like a who's-who of free jazz and avant-garde improvisation: from pianists Matthew Shipp and Borah Bergman to hornmen Joe McPhee and Paul Smoker, each track is peppered with guest stars (the constant throughout the album being the core trio of Minasi, bassist Ken Filiano, and drummer Jackson Krall).

At first, Revenge suffers from weak compositions and tentative improvisations, but it gets going toward the end of the first disc with Shipp's impressive contributions to "The Dark Side". Disc two benefits from the presence of McPhee and Smoker on "The Hunt", and Bergman's playing is a cohesive factor on the lengthy, compelling "Blood Lust" (as is, seemingly, the leadership of conductor Byron Olson). On the vocal side, less compelling (and a bit silly) are a growly recitation by Peter Ratray on "Where You Gonna' Go? Where You Gonna' Hide?" and Carol Mennie's shrieks on "Just One More Bite" and "The First Day".

Though initially off-putting in its size and concept, Revenge is an intricate, detailed album that rewards repeated listenings.


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