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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

GEORGE HARRISON All Things Must Pass

Capitol STCH-639 (1970)

George Harrison may have been known as "the quiet Beatle" during his tenure with rock and roll's most revered band, but he proved he had a lot to say with the release of his triple-album solo debut in 1970. All Things Must Pass surprised listeners and critics alike with its consistency and the strength of its songwriting; often overshadowed by the Lennon-McCartney songwriting team, he usually managed to get no more than a song or two on each Beatles album. ATMP showed off his mastery of both the mid-tempo ballad ("Beware of Darkness", the majestic "Let It Down") and the rocker ("Wah-Wah", "Art of Dying") and even provided Harrison with a few chart hits ("My Sweet Lord" and the sunny, upbeat "What Is Life". The third record in the set (subtitled "Apple Jam") consists of instrumental jams led by George with some of his friends, lending credence to critic Robert Christgau's theory that, of the four Beatles, Harrison was "the player", or enjoyed his role as lead instrumentalist of the Beatles so much that he didn't mind his reduced songwriting duties with the band. Thank goodness that, on ATMP, the "quiet Beatle" finally got to have his say.


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